09 Nov

BSISC At a Glance

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Baridhara Scholars’ International School and College (BSISC) exists to educate primary school-aged children to the best of our capacity. The school's values are articulated in the school's Vision statement. The two things that drive the school are student achievement and staff development. This institution with its teetering steps set its sail on the 1st January 2001 with a motto Quality Education for Excellence. The founding Principal of this institution Col. Mohammad Ziauddin (Retd.) guided this esteemed institution up to 26 January 2006. At present Brig. Gen. (Retd.) Mirza Ezazur Rahman, BGBM, ndc, psc, G+ has shouldered upon the responsibility to steer the leadership of the reputed Baridhara Scholars’ International School and College (BSISC). Now, it is functioning with more than 1450 students with 85 dexterous and committed teachers. Along with English medium upto A’ level of Edexcel syllabus we run national curriculum English version upto S.S.C level. Teachers and the Administration at Baridhara Scholars’ International School and College (BSISC) seek to work in a co-operative and productive partnership with parents to give the children the best possible learning opportunities. Its environment is quiet, tranquil and exquisitely suitable and congenial to academic environment.

The Governing Body, headed by Commandant, COD, Dhaka Cantonment has also undertaken few magnificent projects to expand the BSI to contribute more nationally and internationally in imparting quality education and developing human resources. The Governing Body also works closely with the staff and Administration in responding to key priorities and supporting the Administration with initiatives and innovations which the school pursues.

We expect children to be respectful, helpful, courteous and confident. We tend to promote harmony among the student body and the various inter-school organizations; to maintain a better understanding between students and faculty; to institute a better relationship between this school and all others of this kind; and to raise the standards and ideals of the students themselves.

Vision and philosophy of BSISC:

  • To ensure the gradual development of the students with moral, social and humanitarian values.

  • To help the students to flourish their latent strengths and potentialities.

  • To reveal and enhance the creativity and innovativeness of the students.

  • To help the students to build up a healthy body and sound mind.

  • To ensure time-befitting quality education of the modern arts, science and commerce.